An explosive and colourful, sprawling urban mural, covering the underpass near the corner of St. Clair Avenue & Caledonia Road – an area that has long been a hotbed for World Cup viewing. The project began with a public paint day, all Torontonians and friends were invited to paint. Two months later, the result is one of the largest murals in the world dedicated to the beautiful game.

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Public Paint Day June 7th 2014

The World Cup Mural (ST.CLAIR AVE. AND CALEDONIA) Thanks to everyone that made the second annual Public Paint Day a huge success! This Mural will include the 2014 World Cup Champions!

The DAC travels to Punta Cana to join the ABCharity

Letter 'E' formed by 500 Punta Cana kids, as an international photo alphabet forms.

Canada's Biggest Hockey Mural

Hockey Heritage Mural

Address: Davenport Rd. & Caledonia Rd. Intersection

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Councillor Palacio
and The City of Toronto

Artist Marcelo Pinero with Councillor Palacio, cutting the ribbon with members of IC Savings and New York Paints. Marking the official presentation of the Railway Heritage Mural.

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The St. Clair West Railway Heritage Mural

This landmark tells the story of the building of a railway that established Canada’s identity and a common economy of tourism and growth between 1853 and 1931.

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Before the Statue of Liberty, Uncle Tom's Cabin
was the symbol of freedom for many Americans.
The name St. Clair comes from a character in this best selling novel of the 1800s. It empowered the abolitionist movement and changed North America.

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Depicting True Canadian Culture

Depicting True Canadian Culture

The three railworkers represent Canada's multicultural unity and strength
that was in place from the very beginning.

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What We Are All About

Davenport Arts Community 2013

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Charities We Support

Our Mission

The Davenport Arts Community is a non-profit organization that is transforming the street art movement into the foundation of a North American Renaissance.  This is accomplished by merging support from the City of Toronto, corporate sponsors and augmented reality technology with what is traditionally known as murals.  Our organization is calling this new art form Murography.  

Not only are the streets beautified through this process, but stories are told and endless information is embedded within the elements painted in the art.  Relevant videos, photos and information are instantly populated when a mobile device recognizes the murograph.  The Davenports Arts Community strives to be on the forefront of artistic technology, but does this while operating in the spirit of public service.  Working with the City of Toronto and our sponsors, the benefits of our projects extend beyond the art we produce to charities that focus on educational technology, mental health, as well as children in need and the elderly.


At the dawn of a new age, merging technology with street art is a chance to start a revolution for both artists and their sponsors in a way never before possible.  Cities such as Paris, Rome and Barcelona became world renowned because of the ancient European Renaissance. The great artists that crafted sculptures, paintings changed the way people view the world.  Now, it’s time for the City of Toronto to define itself with images of legendary figures that come to life within it’s streets.  By incorporating augmented reality and interactive animation into mural designs (murography), otherwise drab city walls will come to life and the masses will once again be guided to view the world in a whole new way.  During the next few hundred years, cities like Toronto will define their identity through this fantastic movement.


Our branding is a tribute to one of Canada’s most ancient pathways. Davenport Road was a trail set out by native tribes as a route between the Don and Humber Rivers, it developed into a trading route for French and British merchants during the European Renaissance.

500 years later, the biggest movement in art history has become the Street Art Movement. The Davenport Arts Community is symbol of a modern renaissance for the city, through the works of its world class talents Toronto is at the vanguard, represented by a pioneering spirit.

Our Area of Expertise
  • Telling stories of Toronto’s past
  • Changing the face of Toronto’s neighbourhoods
  • Defining Toronto’s artistic identity
  • Offering unique advertising opportunities
  • Supporting charities
  • Contributing to humanitarian causes